Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Phil = Country? Who Knew??

It was Country Night on Idol last night and who should be a closet country music fan, but Phil Stacey? Who would have expected it? Certainly not me! He has not shown the slightest indication of wanting anything to do with country music before last night. I don't remember what his audition song was, but I don't think it was a country song. I tell you, though, he rocked the house! I think he was easily the best performance of the night and started off with a bang. I said to Chrissy, when they went to commercial and said Jordin was coming up next, "I bet Jordin will do a Martina McBride song." She just seems like the type. I think she thinks enough of herself to do a song by the mentor-of-the-week. Don't get me wrong, I think she's very good, but I think she is a little full of herself (Chrissy says a lot). I don't think I saw the same performance the judges did, though. I thought it was a bit boring and too loud. Sanjaya sucked as usual and his hair looked ridiculous. Lakisha struggled singing "Jesus Take the Wheel." I think she was very obviously out of her comfort zone and it showed. This will be a rough week for her. I think Simon nailed it on the head when he critiqued Chris. I think he did sound nasally, and when Chris tried to say that it was "the style," it sounded like BS. Also, when Chris mentioned VA Tech, it seemed very contrived. I hope not. He's from Virginia, so I hope it was genuine. That's what I think Simon was rolling his eyes at. Melinda kicked ass. Surprise, surprise. She seemed very comfortable singing country. She's got what Taylor had last year. It doesn't matter the genre or theme, they just have the talent to fit in and perform well. Blake has that, too, but I don't think to the extent that Melinda & Taylor have. He had one or too "pitchy" points (as they say), but overall a very solid performance. Especially for someone who doesn't appear to have a country bone in his body.

I think the reason they wait so late in the finals to do the Country theme is because there are always so many people who aren't comfortable with it. If there are fewer contestants, then there are fewer bad performances. Sanjaya, Lakisha and Chris should be in the bottom three and (I know I've said it before, but) Sanjaya should go home. Really. He was so bad, even the audience didn't seem overly thrilled with his performance. Usually they cheer for him like he's one of the Beatles. Last night, they just politely applauded. He better go home tonight...

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