Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tough Night

Man, the guys really stepped it up this week. Everyone performed much better than they did last week. It's a tough call to say who's going to leave. Phil started with some John Waite. He did alright. Not great, but good. Not sure if I liked the song choice for him. I wouldn't be shocked to see him go this week, but I think he did well enough to go one more week. Jared rocked the house singing Marvin Gaye. Though I thought it was a little odd that he dedicated "Let's Get It On" to his parents. AJ did well with Feeling Good, but it's always tougher when it's not a real mainstream song. I actually disagreed with the judges on Sanjaya. Though at first, I thought the outfit was a bit odd and the song was too old school, he really pulled it off. I liked it. Chris did well with Trouble, but again, not a very mainstream song. I think he can do much better. (Side note - his wife was NOT what I expected. Hottie!). Nick did well with Fever - good choice of song for his style of voice. Blake had the best performance of the night! Excellent song choice for him. Loved the beat box and scat thrown in the middle. Very smooth transition, good arrangement. I agreed with Randy & Simon on Brandon, though. Boring. I also didn't like how he interrupted Randy to try to make excuses for why his performance wasn't up to par. At least, that's what it felt like. It's a shame, too, because I liked Brandon. If he does lose tomorrow night, it just goes to show that you got to bring your "A" game every week and do better than the previous week. I didn't know the song that Chris sang and didn't care for it, either. It reminded me of the Chaka Khan song that Nicole got booted for last week. Very odd choice and strange performance. Don't know why the judges were all up his butt. Sundance blew UP with Mustang Sally. That performance showed exactly why he was put through to Hollywood. Great performance!

Overall, I thought performances were good. Simon had a pole up his butt the whole night, though. He gets like that sometimes and no matter how well contestants do on those nights, they can't please him. I think Phil & AJ are on the cusp, but I think it will be Sanjaya and Brandon going home tomorrow night.

Wonder what will happen tonight. I noticed Antonella was still in the front row with the ladies. If she doesn't get booted by the show, I could actually see the whole "incident" working in her favor. The teenage boys could actually step up the voting to keep her in! We shall see...

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