Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing Goes Better with Nuclear Terror...

than pie a la mode! After watching Heroes last night (kicked ass!), I was getting ready to watch 24 (also kicked). Thank God for DVR! Then I remembered that we had in the fridge the remants of an apple pie that Chrissy's mom made (mit Schplenda!). We also had some no-sugar added ice cream (also mit Schplenda!) in the freezer. And what goes better with nuclear terror than apple pie a la mode? Nothing! Except maybe for sugar-free apple pie a la mode.

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JacquelineC said...

I'm so jealous. NO pie here. Just "well, it's the game versus 24..." Hmm. 24 wil include a predictable array of terrorists, silly self-absorbed Americans, most of whome are in the unique and highly classified position to KNOW BETTER...or

the lame game and the chance to record or pick up later the Jack Bauer saves the world.

I actually love that show, btw. In retrospect, the games were less predictable and probably less satisfying in outcome..

oh well..