Thursday, January 11, 2007

Riding the Metro

Wow. What a difference. We began taking Metro (the subway) in to work this month. Discontinued the parking pass (that's a whole other story - the damn spots were so narrow in the parking garage that we actually had to tip the attendant to park the car one day because I couldn't fit the car in the spot). We still had to drive one day because we had plans (which wound up being cancelled due to Mom's ER visit). But just in today, our 7th day taking public transportation to work, our stress level has dropped significantly! Even , though we still have to drive to the Metro station, the heavy traffic part of the drive always started just after the station. The overall time it takes is about the same, but it's more consistent now. When we were driving, we would never know whether the city driving would take 30 minutes, 40 minutes or 90 minutes. No rhyme or reason. Sometimes, there would be a lane shut down for construction. Inbound. During rush hour. God forbid it rained. Sometimes, there would be a lane shut down to work on a speed trap camera. Inbound. During rush hour. There's an occasional delay on Metro, but overall, much more consistency.
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Chrissy's cousin Denise!

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