Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Schtuff

Don't know why I get such a kick out of inserting a "sh" sound in to "s" words and saying them with a German accent. Oh well, never claimed I wasn't weird...

Barack Obama has filed the paperwork to allow him to run for president in '08. While I am excited about the idea of President Obama, I don't know that the country is ready for an African-American president. I wonder about his chances. I think realistically, he should run as VP on a ticket with someone else. Then, after 8 years as Veep, run for Prez. I think he stands a better chance than Hilary Clinton, though. Right or not, too many people just dislike her too much for her to make a successful bid. I could see her doing something similar, running for VP. I think it would be a mistake for the Democratic party to put either of them up for president. If they want to take back the White House like they did the Congress, they need to put up someone who can beat the Republicans. Not that I have a clue who they should run. The Republicans would do well to put up someone who comes across as a little more moderate and a lot more intelligent than Bush. If I were on that side, I would run John McCain/Colin Powell.

Blogs are like online diaries. They have an advantage in that you can get your thoughts out to as many people as you'd like, limited only by your powers of PR and publicity (how's that for alliteration?). But they have the disadvantage of being completely public. Anything you post can be read by anyone, even the person about whom you're writing, if post thoughts pertaining to a particular person (that's not intentional). Or if something is embarassing. Or just something you don't want to share with the world. That's probably why sites like PostSecret exist.

I think Courtney Cox had a boob job.

*Spoiler Alert* Season premiere of 24 kicked ass. I feel shocked. I still get a kick out of what Don & Mike say about Jack - everything he says is either a whisper ("you have to believe me, I will do whatever it takes to find this bomb") or a yell ("WHERE'S THE BOMB!!!!"). Kiefer Sutherland has such a great yelling voice, though. How bizarre is it though, that the first four hours are already available on DVD?? My thoughts/predictions for this season: 1) I can't believe Jack shot Curtis. I liked Curtis! But he was acting like a dick. Not without reason, but what he was going to do was murder, plain & simple; 2) Milo (looks like a poor man's Dermot Mulroney) will wind up being a traitor. No one would surprise me as being a traitor except Curtis (no worries there any more), Bill or Chloe; 3) Speaking of Chloe, love the new look. But she needs to scowl more. Love the Chloe Scowl. I imagine it will surface more now that the shit is hitting the fan; 4) Can't believe they detonated a nuke! 5) I hope Assad turns out to be on the level. He was Dr. Bashir!

*End Spoilers*


Ok, gonna try something a little new here. Men:

And finally, I'm pissed Michael C. Hall didn't win a Golden Globe last night. Grrr...

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