Tuesday, February 20, 2007

General Idol Observations

Before we get to the finals on tonight's American Idol, I will give a few observations on Hollywood Week.

I can't say I wasn't surprised - and a little pleased - at a few of the choices the judges made. By the end of the eliminations, though, I began to notice a pattern. I think the judges were trying to eliminate some of the more attitude-laden contestants. Some of the may have had a little (or a lot) more talent than some of the finalists, but raw talent isn't everything. I think they're getting tired of beautiful prima donnas strutting around on stage singing, "I'm the shit." Ok, not literally, but you know what I mean. I think this was never more evident than in the final two eliminations. First, they showed clips of Antonella & Brunette-chickie's performances. BC definitely appeared to have performed better in the clip they showed (and we all know how perfectly reality shows represent what actually occurred). But they picked Antonella. Afterwards, they showed BC go outside and talk about it. She was genuinely shocked. She spoke of how everyone loved her and every person in there (meaning the other finalists) thought she was going to make it. Seemed a bit full of herself. Then the last two guys. Tall, good-looking Black Guy and Sundance Head. Again, Sundance struggled in the eliminations, while BG rocked the house. They chose Sundance. BG looked visibly shaken. I was surprised. Then, he dropped the F-Bomb (or some profanity that got bleeped) on the way out the room. Then in the elevator, he flipped the double bird to the camera. Class on a stick. With that gesture, the scales tipped and I fell firmly in the Sundance camp. A similar thing happened during the auditions. The girl who made the weird faces got a second chance. I was happy for her, because she seemed genuinely talented. They decided to send her to Hollywood. Yay! But after they told her, she simply left the room without so much as a "thank you" for the 2nd chance! Then, when she came out of the room with the "golden ticket" she held it up to her family saying, "yeah..." with a tone in her voice that suggested that the judges finally came to their senses. They barely showed her during Hollywood week, except during a montage showing contestants who were cut. I was glad.

I think they may be trying to avoid contestants like last year's Brenna and Ayla. Brenna was just obnoxious and kept arguing with Simon. Ayla seemed like one of those people who have gone their whole life getting everything they ever wanted. Then when someone tells them "no," they're shocked and hurt. I think getting cut was probably the best thing that ever happened to Ayla. People like her need to learn before they get out in the real world that everyone's not going to kiss her ass like her parents do. I think the judges would rather have someone like Melissa was last year. She wasn't the best singer, but she took their criticisms to heart, kept working hard and kept improving her performances. Same thing with Elliot Yamin. He made it to the top 3 because he kept getting better and better. Unfortunately for him, Katherine & Taylor were better.

As for the finalists that did make it... The only one of the women that stands out for me was Antonella. She's definitely got the look. She's doesn't have the best voice, but strikes me as the type who could keep getting better each week. A lot of the women this year are good, but not overly original. They seem like the same types that the judges have already seen in the finals for 5 years now. To wow them, and America, they need to bring something fresh to the table. The guys will be a little more interesting. I think it will be down to Brandon & Chris. Brandon is the one who has been a back-up singer to Christina Aguilera, among others. Paula & Olivia Newton-John just melted when he sang in his audition. I think he'll have that effect on a lot of the voting teenage girls, too. Chris, the Jack Osbourne look-a-like, is likeable, fun, hilarious and even more talented. My dark horse contestant is Phil, the guy who missed the birth of his daughter to audition. I'd like to see Blake "the human beat box" do well, but I don't know how much he's got left when you take beat-boxing out of his bag o' tricks. Guess we'll see tonight.

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