Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night

A few thoughts from last night's Acadamy Awards show:

1. I don't know if anyone actually likes the various musical performances and comedy sketches during various awards shows. Other than late night talk show hosts. It gives them something to make fun of. They should eliminate the extraneous and stick to the awards.
2. Ellen did a great job hosting. She was funny. She engaged the audience. She wasn't mean to anyone. She kept things moving. Excellent job. Hope she'll be back.
3. What the F- were those tumbling silhouette guys? Could have done without them.
4. Fashions were good overall. Reese Witherspoon looked fantastic. Abigail Breslin and Jaden Smith were adorable! Helen Mirren was gorgeous. Philip Seymour Hoffman needed to comb his hair, while Jack Nicholson looked odd without his. I'm guessing it has to do with the movie he's currently filming. No Bjork "what-the-hell-was-that??!?" moments. At least none that I remember or saw.
5. Was surprised, that Eddie Murphy didn't win Best Supporting, but that's fine. I like Alan Arkin. No one was surprised Helen Mirren won for Best Actress. I think I was the only one who was surprised Forest Whitaker won Best Actor. I thought for sure they'd give it to Peter O'Toole. Not necessarily because he deserved it more, but as sort of a cumulative Oscar for all the times he should have won, but didn't. Kind of like when Paul Newman won for The Color of Money. Especially since, if memory serves, a few years ago, they tried to give O'Toole an honorary Oscar, which almost refused saying that he still had time to win one on his own.
6. Good for Martin Scorsese! The Departed kicked ass! Though I'm still not sure why Mark Wahlberg got the Best Supporting nod, and not Matt Damon. I just re-watched the movie when I got the DVD, and the story is absolutely about the parallels of Leo & Matt's characters. Wahlberg didn't really do much, except act like a jerk. Damon had a much bigger part, more integral to the story, more nuanced/subtle, and played it better. Whatever. Guess I'm still sore from Hugh Laurie winning the Emmy and SAG awards over Michael C. Hall. Dex wuz robbed!
7. Next year, they should start earlier, cut the skits/interludes, and wrap it up on time.

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katelnorth said...

Darling, Helen Mirren is ALWAYS gorgeous :)