Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Idol - First Night, Men's Finals

Overall, a pretty unimpressive night. Almost universally, I think they had bad song choices. Started off rough with Rudy. I like Rudy, but his performance was very showtune-y. Kind of Vegas nightclub/karaoke. In fact, most of them came across this way. Not a lot of great "performances." Brandon did a little better (he has good stage presence - his experience shows), but I agree with Simon that he played it too safe. Actually, I agreed with most of what Simon said all night. I think Randy, Paula & Ryan dismiss Simon's critiques as cruelty, when in reality, he often has the most realistic and accurate comments. Sundance was a little rough. He needs more upbeat, soulful songs. Paul was decent, but he needs to put his shoes back on. He'll get by this round because the teenage girls will like him and vote for him. Same with Chris, the Justin Timberlake wannabe. Don't remember Nick's performance. Probably not a good sign. BBB (Beat Box Boy) did well. I thought it was smart to leave out the beatbox for this song. Showcase the singing. He'll sail through this week. Sanjaya didn't do so hot. I knew he was in trouble when he sang the words "I don't want to bore you" in such a lackluster fashion in front of Simon. That's like dangling fresh bloody kill in front of a shark. I'm surprised the white membrane didn't roll up over Simon's eyes. Jack Osbourne... I mean, Chris, had the best performance of the night. No doubt. I will be amazed if he doesn't make top 5. Jared was good, if unremarkable. Same with AJ. Phil was really good. Like him, liked his performance.

I think Rudy and Sanjaya will go home tomorrow night. If Sundance doesn't step it up next week, he's gone. Chris, Blake and Phil should sail through no problem.

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