Friday, February 23, 2007


Ok, the first eliminations (Paul and Amy), I did not predict, but did not shock me. The second eliminations, if you notice, each contained both of my predicted evictees. :-) The real shocker, though, came in the last 3 minutes of the show. When it was down to Rudy or Sanjaya for the second elimination, Ryan said one of them was eliminated, the other was in the top 4 for the guys. I'm not surprised Rudy was eliminated, but there is no friggin' way Sanjaya was in the top 4! That was just ridiculous! Even if you take the teenybopper vote into account, there's just no way. He was not good enough. The only way I figure it made sense, and I hate to say this, but just about every Indian person in America (and possibly elsewhere) must have voted for him, just because he's Indian. I could have accepted it if he was next to last or something like that. But to put him even in the top half of even just the guys? No way. There is some other force at work. It could be the same sort of group that was coordinating last year to keep the wife-beater (don't remember his name) in the finals, but I haven't heard any rumors. Usually when something like that takes place, you hear something about it...

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