Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, we're fairly happy with the American Idol Top 24. Chrissy's a little disappointed that her cowboy didn't make it, but like he said, at least he won't miss turkey season. My favorite so far (not to win, just the cutest) is Kristy, the farm girl/cage-fighter. Girl can sing, too. Don't know if she can sing well enough to compete against the level of competition that's in the finals this year, but we'll see. Early favorites (to win) are Asia'h and Syesha. I like Joanna, too, but she struggled a bit in Hollywood. I like Amanda, the rocker nurse, but she needs to show some range beyond 60's/70's rock. I think Carly and Brooke are cute and can sing, but they may not have the goods to make it to the end. Michael (Australian dude) is easily the one to beat from the guys. David A. and Danny (who looks like Jessica Alba's little brother and is gayer than Liberace) both suffer from what I call Jordin Sparks syndrome - they're great.... for their age. If I had to hear Randy gush about David being 16 one more time... I like Chikezie, both personality and name, but don't think he'll make it. I don't care for David C. Something just rubs me the wrong way with him. Not sure what. Maybe some hidden attitude? David H. need to tone it down a bit. There's making a song your own, then there's trying to show off. I'm glad living-in-his-car boy didn't make it. I think he had a bit of an attitude. I worry about his mental state, though. He seemed a bit desperate and pinning his future on winning the show, which I think he absolutely thought he would. Josiah. That was his name. Given, though, that the process took place months ago, if something had happened to him, I would think it would have happened by now.

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