Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week 2 of the Guys

Well, last night was the guys' night of week 2 on Idol. I thought they should have switched off and had the ladies go first, but they didn't ask me. Michael started off singing Go Your Own Way. I have to agree with Simon that this was easily his weakest performance to date. I don't know that it was the right song choice for him. Jason C. followed with some Andy Gibb. Again, not the best choice of song, but in this case, I'll have to disagree with Simon. I thought Jason did very well with it. Not his most dynamic performance, but good vocals. I do agree with Paula, though - I'd like so see Jason without the guitar next week. Luke was very uneven singing Killer Queen. I always wonder what goes through people's minds when they sing Queen. Almost always beyond their capabilities. Luke did very well in parts of the song, though, when he was singing straight. When he tried to add the little theatrical flourishes ("Yeah... c'mon..."), it came across as very cheesy. Definitely better than last week, though. Robbie sang Hot Blooded. Aside from reminding me physically of Bo Bice, Robbie has the same problem as Bo did - because of his look (esp. the long hair), he gets classified as a "rocker." He really isn't, though. I think that's what Simon is referring to when he questions Robbie's authenticity. Robbie hasn't claimed to be a rocker, that's just the label they put on him then judge him based on that label. Aside from all that, I thought the performance was good. Danny (or, as my friend Keith called him last week, Gay Elvis) tried to sing Stevie Wonder. I'm not particularly fond of Danny. Agreed, he's got more personality than most of the other contestants, it's just not a personality I particularly care for. David H. rocked the house singing Papa Was a Rolling Stone. I haven't cared for some of David's previous performances, but this one was one of the best of the night. Jason Y. struggled with Long Train Running. I think Simon summed it up perfectly that Jason is "a quite good singer who can't perform very well." He should be worried this week. Chikezie turned in what I thought was the best performance of the night singing I Believe to My Soul. I thought his vocals and personality on stage were the bomb. He kicked it. Unfortunately, he blew it in the interview again. I think he thinks a little too much of himself and it will hurt him in the long run. David C. seemed more of a rocker than Robbie did singing All Right Now. I see what Simon was trying to say about the video, because David does seem a bit more of a rocker, but the whole "word nerd" thing goes against that image. He also seemed to have the same problem Chikezie did in that he was getting attitudinal with Simon. A lot more of the contestants are doing that this year, I think because they think it will win people over if they come back at Simon. But I think the majority of times, it just makes them annoying. David A. finished the night singing Imagine, by John Lennon. I thought it was a very good performance, but I don't see what the judges see with this kid. I think he's a talented singer and performer, but not the best of the group. Based on crowd and judge reaction, he'll probably make it to at least the top 5. We'll see. I thought his, Chikezie's and David H.'s were the best of the night. My votes are on Jason Y. and Luke to head home tomorrow. I think Michael and Jason C. should go on at least one more week based on past performance. Everyone needs to make better song choices and watch the attitudes.

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